Burning cinnamon on the fire can solve big troubles at home. It's effective, economical, and a great way to learn something new.


Hold the cinnamon stick with chopsticks and place it on the gas stove. Turn on low heat and burn it for a while. You can put the cinnamon in a container for easier use.

1.Removing refrigerator odors: Burnt cinnamon placed in the fridge can remove odors.

2.Repelling cockroaches: Burning cinnamon placed in kitchen corners can repel cockroaches.

3.Eliminating shoe odor: Burnt cinnamon placed inside shoes can eliminate odors.

4.Repelling mosquitoes and insects: Soaking burnt cinnamon in water and spraying it in areas where mosquitoes and insects often appear can repel them.

5.Repelling rice weevils: Placing burnt cinnamon in a rice bin can effectively repel rice weevils.


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