Abel, who has been selling vegetables for 20 years, revealed: These 4 types of vegetables should be bought as little as possible. Vegetable vendors never eat them, but customers rush to buy them.


1.Chili powder with bright colors: High-quality chili powder does not have such bright colors. If it is too red, it may indicate the addition of industrial dyes.

2.Very hard tomatoes: The harder the tomatoes, the more hormones they contain. It's best not to buy them.

3.Moldy ginger: Moldy ginger contains a substance called zingerone, which can cause liver cell poisoning and degeneration even with just a small amount. It is very dangerous.

Bean sprouts without roots: Bean sprouts produced without roots are mostly produced by using too much herbicide in the production process. Herbicides contain harmful substances that can cause cancer, mutations, and deformities in humans. It's best not to buy them.


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