What should you do if you forget to bring a wine opener for red wine? Four little tricks to say goodbye to embarrassment and easily pull out the cork!


1.Wall-banging method: Place a towel or use a leather shoe on the bottom of a red wine bottle, and hit the wall a few times to push out the cork.

2.Screw method: Find a long nail, screw, or key to insert into the cork of the bottle, then turn it in one direction and exert force gradually upwards to remove the cork.

3.Lighter method: Heat up the air in the bottleneck with a lighter. When the cork can be pulled out, be careful as the bottleneck may still be hot. Wait for it to cool down before tasting.

4.Chopstick method: Use chopsticks to hold the cork and hit it into the wine bottle with a hard object. This method has little impact on the taste of red wine and can be used to quickly drink the wine after opening the bottle.


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